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© 2015 Lyrics by Kathy Bee


Trump he dumped on Marla

And Ivana Too

If you’re not a beauty

He’s sure to dump on you


He disrespects Latinos

American Heroes too

Muslims and Reporters

And he’s going to dump on you



Let’s do the Trump Dump

Let’s do the Trump Dump

Let’s do the Trump Dump

Doing the Donald Trump Dump




Trump Dislikes Republicans

And Democrats Through And Through

King Donald The Dictator

Is sure to trample on you


Trump will build a big wall

Where he keeps his Trumpsters in

But if you’re not a Trumpster

Then you better learn how to pretend




Trump he has a mission

So listen up skid row

If you’re not a winner

Then down the tubes you’ll go


Trump he likes his women

The ones he can control

But if you cross the Trumpster

He’ll kick you off his dole


Trump Dislikes Republicans

And Democrats Through And Through

King Donald The Dictator

Is sure to trample on you


Trump will build a big wall

Where he keeps his Trumpsters in

But if you’re not a Trumpster

Then you better learn how to pretend




Trump has lots of money

To spend on what he loves to do

But Trump’s not a Big Spender

He won’t spend a dime on You.


Would you like to join the many voices who believe that Donald Trump should NOT be our next president of the United States

We need your backing with The Trump Dump music video project. My name is Kathy Bee and I have personally experienced bigotry and hatred and have seen others go though the same...I am so tired and so ready for Peace & Unity...I believe the American Dream should be available for everyone!

This project is a Non Political Party Affiliation (not Republican...not Democrat) venture where the purpose is to expose the antics of Donald Trump by producing this parody song...

Even though I could have gone negative with the lyrics and visuals I chose to "Keep It Clean" rating G to PG....

Join us Give...Share...DO IT NOW

This man is like the plague... His virus keeps spreading...He is infecting good people who know better...Some of those "Good People" are my friends... They think he's just being cute or funny...Wake Up!!! He's Toxic!!!


  • Singers - Sing along with The Trump Dump Video & add action to the lyrics.
  • Dancers - A single dancer or groups of dancers performing The Trump Dump song. (We're even looking for line dancers.)
  • Actors - Act-out the lyrics...give us some drama or comedic performances.
  • Celebrities - Sports, commercials, national and or local celebrities
  • Crew - Help on the production end of The Trump Dump Video
  • Musicians - Re-create live music for the music video, Drummers, Bass Player, Keyboardist, Lead Guitar, Saxophone, Trumpet
  • Assistant Director
  • Camera Operator
  • Sound Technician
  • Lighting Technician

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Marla Maples Trump, Mary Stevenson & Kathy Bee (Me)


Donald & Marla Trump (Wife #2)

In the late 90’s, Marla Maples Trump (Donald’s former wife) optioned a book written about Mary Stevenson 's life (author of the poem Footprints In The Sand) for a feature film deal. Even Donald’s mother, Mary Trump loved the poem and the project.

Marla assured all of us connected to the project that Donald would come through by using his influence... She bragged that all he had to do was to make a phone call and that Mary would be vindicated. Unfortunately that never happened.

Donald’s reply was that he did not want to “waste a favor”. All deals were off! Donald Trump the big negotiator couldn't even help an elderly lady, an American icon to reclaim her title in history...He handed over the title of Footprints In The Sand to the undeserving Canadian woman...Shame on you Donald...

And now you claim to champion Christian rights on top of everything else... It takes someone with a heart...This you lack!!!!

Both Marys have since passed away; Marla and Donald divorced and a lady who lives in Canada stills claims to be the author of our beloved Footprints In The Sand (and is receiving royalties).

Many Christians who love the poem Footprints In The Sand are saddened by the fact that an American poet, who was a true patriot was robbed! You can't have it both ways Trump...On one hand you promise to defend Christianity but in a quick moment you turn around and spew comments of hatred, bigotry and strife.


According to an article on the website, And Then I Carried You… Into Court, posted on June 2nd, 2008 by Derek Bambauer INFO/ LAW, “Others are claiming to have written Footprints In The Sand, even a Canadian lady named Margaret Powers. Mary Stevenson has the strongest case of ownership.”

In 2014 I finished my book Footsteps My Journey (Amazon) and I'm in pre-production for a future documentary. (contact me if you want to help me in any way). Through book signings and live performances, I'm also sharing my message about Footprints.

Mary Stevenson will be vindicated and her authorship will be restored. Many wonderful stories will be told about the lives that have been changed after reading the poem Footprints In The Sand in a new book and in the documentary. However I'm looking for people to collaborate with...I need your help to make this all happen...


Kathy Bee Bio

Singer/Songwriter/Musical Playwright...From small town to Hollywood, Kathy Bee never dreamed her life’s journey would include the discovery of the famous “Author Unknown” poem, Footprints In The Sand. Discover more in her book Footsteps My Journey sold on Amazon at Barns and Noble. Bee has produced over 250 TV Shows called Touching lives in Southern California, performed throughout the country at State and County Fairs, Recording Artist, Award Winnind Song Writer and Musical Playwright, songs in Independent Feature Films, Produces Stage Events, Award Shows, Mutimedia Events an Author/Speaker and currently is working on a new documentary... 



If you would like to collaborate Contact me

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Be Bless

Be A Blessing!!!!

Kathy Bee